Storage Unit Renting Made Easy

More and more people require storage units these days as houses and apartments are being constructed smaller than ever. The growing population needs housing, so developments are designed to configure living space to be comfortable yet small. The first component to go was extra storage space. Closets became narrow, cabinets are not as wide or deep as they once were, and even storage spaces in laundry rooms are non-existent because fewer places have laundry rooms. That space has been transformed into a washer and dryer behind French doors in an alcove.

The Internet to the Rescue

Instead of traveling from storage place to storage place seeking out the right size, location, and access to self storage units that suit needs and preferences, people can now go online and reserve a unit until they can get there and fill out the paperwork. Taking that simple process one step farther, there is a company in the UK that makes renting units as easy as turning on the smart phone. Get on the company website, choose the preferred location, and pay for the storage unit.

An access code to get into the unit is sent to the phone immediately after payment is processed. That is all it takes to rent a storage unit. All units are on ground level, there are surveillance cameras for security, and the access code opens your unit. People can get into units twenty-four hours a day for convenience. Renters are not required to sign contracts and can rent month-to-month is desired.

Other Convenient Options

Mobile storage units are available as well. A unit will be delivered to the home or business location and dropped off for a few days. Once the unit is filled, it will be picked up and brought to the secured lot. Van rental is also offered for those who have no friends with pickup trucks. Packing supplies are available if needed.

There is everything needed to store items and keep them from cluttering up living space. Pricing is low and there are introductory and promotional deals offered by location. Storage locations are available throughout the UK, so there is sure to be one near you.