How To Choose The Right Sofa

In most living rooms, the sofa is the largest piece of furniture, and consequently, it has a big impact on the overall room design. A sofa is not a small purchase, so it’s worthwhile to put some time and effort into making the right choice. The following are a few tips for choosing a sofa that will look good, feel good, and last for many years.

Make Sure The Sofa Is A Comfortable Fit

Most people tend to consider looks first and foremost when choosing a sofa, but comfort is an even more important factor, according to this Sofamania review. The sofa is usually the piece of furniture that gets the most use from all family members, so it needs to accommodate all the different bodies who will spend time sitting on it. Is the sofa too deep for an adult with short legs? Does the back of the sofa provide the right amount of support and cushioning? Are the arms the right height for resting a laptop or a book?

Choose A Fabric According To Use And Placement

A sofa’s fabric is a big feature of a its overall design, but again, looks are not the only basis for choosing one fabric over another. One thing to consider is how the sofa will be used and how much it will need to be cleaned. If the sofa will hold pets with dirty feet and children with snacks, it’s important to choose a fabric that won’t be damaged by frequent cleaning. Another factor to consider is the sofa’s placement. Because natural fabrics may fade in direct sunlight, it may be best to choose a synthetic fabric for a sofa that is placed in front of a window.

Choose A Durable Frame

A sofa’s frame is what helps it keep its shape. A good frame will maximize the life of the furniture, while a cheap frame may lead to an early demise. A kiln-dried hardwood frame is generally considered the best material. The drying process removes all moisture from the wood, which prevents it from swelling or cracking with changes in temperature and humidity. Metal and particleboard frames may be less expensive, but they are nowhere near as durable.